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Fried Chicken Livers That Only My Dog and I Love and The Rest of The Toxic Fry 1   Recently updated !

Omg, it feels so good to just tell the truth. I’m not a liar, but I am an omitter. This last year has been so damn hard. Damn hard. Oppressive, even. No more omission of that fact.

“What does she mean by that? Who is she talking about?”

Mind your own damn business, Karen. I’m only saying this so the random person who may have felt like their soul was being crushed because of some really unhealthy shit might know they’re not alone.

Karen gets offended anyway.

“No, Karen, it’s not about you”.

Karen still thinks it’s about her.

There is no Karen. I actually don’t know anyone named Karen.

So here’s the new gig. I’m bringing the cussing back. I’m bringing the old-style live cooking show (with cussing) back. I’m sorry I had to take a break from my real self, but I was on a mission.

Just as I was hitting the “mission complete” button, the hurricane came, beat the crap out of North Carolina, and lots of mold grew in my house. I’m severely allergic to mold. Base housing is overwhelmed with repairs and it will be months – maybe years till that house is fixed. The mold may never be cleaned out properly. I know this from experience. Sucks to be someone with a mold allergy – especially if that means you have to live in base housing.

I won’t do it. I won’t live in moldy base housing. Not this time. I’m grateful that I got out and established another residence.

So, we are living in Kentucky – the kids and I. Just temporarily. My husband is still doing his Marine Corps thing in North Carolina. He visits, and it’s great. I like him. I like him a lot.

The kids and I will be here until June, then we’ll all go to a new duty station, together, as a family. It’s a GREAT duty station too. I can’t wait to bring you along. I promise, I’ll cuss plenty – just from sheer joy.

I’ll let you know where The Flying Kitchen is flying to AS SOON as I’m allowed to tell you.

I’m posting this from my iPhone because I write best with the little *click click click* sound, and also, because I don’t have internet at the Kentucky farmhouse. It’s also part of my new blogging style! Fast, easy, spontaneous. I call it PTS.

PTS: Post That Shit.

Post. That. Shit.

Just f-ing post it.

POST THAT SHIT is a great antidote to POST TRAUMATIC STRESS. Which is probably what I have right now, after the year I’ve had.

You want to know more truth?

Only the dog and I like these chicken livers.

Colonel is such an awesome dog. He loves this family. He loves me. Of course he does.

He has manners too. Of course he does! He’s the Colonel! The Colonel has better manners that me, even. But that’s ok, because he’s The Colonel and I’m a private citizen who gets to be herself and pursue happiness for God’s sake not. Besides, the Colonel is so fly that I don’t have to be anyone but myself. And that sure is nice.

Dear God that looks disgusting. So here’s the deal – liver is gross. I mean, to most people. I personally find the iron and vitamin B shot VERY helpful in regaining my strength after something really stressful. Like a hurricane, Karen’s shit and all this military business.

I think I prefer pâté but these are delicious with a good trashy dipping sauce.


You’ll be saying f$&k like the trashy hoe you are (on the inside) when you see how easy it is to make this. I mean, if you’re not Karen. Karen would never say that. Karen’s frigid.

Mayonnaise, ketchup and hot sauce. That’s it. Stir it. Ya, just like that.

That just made me think about my friend Raundi. If she was still alive, she’d be laughing so hard over this. Not just because she’d dig the “trashy hoe” part, but because she’s be so delighted that I started enjoying life again. Raundi died from depression, and I think about her every day. Whenever I run across a really repressed, frigid, mean girl, I think, “WWRS”.

WWRS: What would Raundi say?

Raundi would say something so vulgar, yet so funny, and so validating that you laugh so hard you’d pee. And you wouldn’t feel upset anymore. You’d know RAUNDI could see right though Karen. Raundi would tell you to handle it. Fire with fire. Then get the hell away.

Raundi didn’t make it. But it’s not because she didn’t have magic. It’s because she did. She was magical and compassionate and smart and funny. So much so, that she HURT SO BAD. She hurt so bad, she died. She died in her back yard. I miss her every day.

Karen doesn’t miss her. Karen thinks suicide is for attention.

This Trashy Dipping Sauce is for you Raundi. I love you.

Let’s cook some livers, shall we. With chanti and fava beans. Th-th-th-th…

So, take the disgusting chicken livers and rip each one in half. You can pretend they belong to Karen. You’re going to dredge Karen’s livers these in flour, then dip them in beaten egg, then some Italian style bread crumbs.

The flour will need a little salt and pepper. How much? Just a dash. Karen doesn’t like that. Karen needs exact measurements or she throws a fit. Karen, if you’re interested in PERSONAL GROWTH and not always getting your way like the baby girl you are, you’re just going to have to try this. Mmmkay?

I mean it’s liver for Christ’s sake.

Melt a shit ton of lard in a heavy pot.

That’s hot as shit so be careful.

Fry those m-f-ers.

Under frying and OVER frying are problems. Under fried and blood runs out. Over fried and they are dark brown.

The culprit in both cases is oil that’s too hot. My oil was at LOW and it was still too hot. So I moved my pot a little off the flame.

Karen has taken note of the mess and will definitely bring it up the next time she’s trying to help me be a better person. Like “Oh, I clean my stove like blah blah blah”.

And I’ll be like “well here’s what’s in the oven”.

And there’s a dog on the counter.

And now his mouth is on the counter.

The boys hate the liver.

But that’s ok.

They’ve never had fried chicken livers. This is the first time I’ve ever made them. I asked a FB friend for advice on making them and my friend Jen , who is SO NOT a Karen said:

Jen’s good people. She tries new things. When she comes to my house she helps me clean closets. I don’t mind letting her see all my filth because I trust her. She doesn’t look for weaknesses to exploit. And I cook her food. It’s a good friendship.

Last of the livers. You have to fry them in small batches. The oil gets very corrupted.


Can you guess what I’m going to say next?

Any guess?

You in the back…

All together now:


Just like Karen’s black little soul. ”

Karen’s livers These ARE delicious. Especially in the Trashy Dipping Sauce. I think the Trashy Dipping Sauce makes them. I’d take a Raundi over a Karen any day.

And a Jen. I love Jen.

And a Kathleen.

I love a Kathleen.

Kathleen sent me these pickles. Kathleen makes awesome pickles. She’s real, she’s vulnerable, she does cool things like making pickles because she’s not afraid of making mistakes. Like Jen. Like Raundi.

Karen’s never sorry. Karen’s sorry she got caught. Karen doesn’t do anything interesting, because she cannot stand making a mistake. Karen just covers her own ass. She don’t care.

She don’t care.




Editors note:

“Karen” is not a person. “Karen” is a representation of toxic female behavior. A shaming, blaming creature who lacks the self worth to live well. Probably because she is still being oppressed herself. She’s been captive for so long, and she’s fighting to get out, but she lacks the courage to identify her true captor – because she’s hoping, praying, PERFORMING , in order to be truly loved by her captor.

Karen, your captor is not capable of loving you.

Causing pain in those around you will not lessen your’s.

It will just cause people to keep walking away. Because you are simply not trustworthy.

Unless you identify and deal with the shamer who shamed you. You. Will. Never. Thrive.

The true victims will be your children.

And that.

Is all the reason you should need.

To grow up.

Baby girl.

Hurricane Florence, Moldy Base Housing and Our Temporary Relocation to Kentucky

In this podcast (live simulcast on The Flying Facebook Page) , I describe my family’s current situation.  Our house on Camp Lejeune is moldy – I am severely allergic to mold.  Because I’ve lived in moldy base housing before, and because I know how detrimental it was to my overall health, I decided to temporarily relocate my family to our evacuation destination of Kentucky.  I describe how to “accidentally” stumbled into Kentucky, how we found our house, how the kids started school here, and how we are all doing now – 2 months after the hurricane.  As always, thanks for hanging around, thanks for listening, and thanks for your support.

Shannon Vavich




Episode 4 -Home Management Hacks for Budgeting and Back-to-School

In episode for of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon shares her best tips for managing a household and sticking to a budget during back-to-school and fall sports season. “Without a budget, your household will fail”, she cautions. Shannon answers questions about comparison- shopping, managing multiple children in evening activities, cooking dinner when you’re too tired to move, and more. Shannon shares her concept of “Global Model Cooking” and talks through her recipe and process for taking whole chickens and making 3 family meals for less than 50 cents per person. Shannon also talks about managing expectations, the false reality of the network “morning show”, creating a family culture for your own household, fostering trust in your family, and quality leadership within your family. Shannon also explains her reasons for establishing her “Pizza Movie Nights”, and how she started gathering information on how to run a household years ago. Lastly, Shannon talks about her monstrous laundry pile and shares her newest recipe for fresh breadsticks for the kids.

Episode 3 – The KETO Diet, Anxiety, Chronic Pain and Compassion

How can you turn a setback into your most effective spring-board?  Can you work yourself out of a rut and be EVEN BETTER?  On this episode of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon addresses how the KETO diet has changed her life.  She answers listener questions, including “What do you eat?”,  “Did you get the Keto Flu?”, “How do you handle cravings?”,  “Do you eat artificial sweetener?”, “Can you have wine?”, “What do you cook for your family that also works in your diet?”, “What is your favorite fast meal?”, “What about intermittent fasting?”.  Shannon describes what if feels like to suffer from hereditary anxiety and chronic TMJD pain, and how quickly her symptoms disappeared after starting her KETO journey.  Shannon also describes how the KETO diet helps in her endurance swimming and triathlon training.  Shannon talks candidly about her desire to have a large family, her top tips for success in life, and how to work through setbacks from a place of self-compassion.  Finally, Shannon introduces her new YouTube channel “The Flying Kitchen KETO” a brand new series of KETO cooking videos.   If you are interested in improving your life in anyway, this is the podcast for you!

Episode 2 – Mom Cliques, Sports Season Angst, Dog Diarrhea, The “over 40 face”, Pressure Cookers and PCS Advice

Who invented “snack mom” for sports seasons?  Where did that even come from?  In Episode two of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon recounts her funny experiences with youth sports teams – the “snack mom” phenomenon, and why there only two colors of socks in her house.  Shannon also discusses “mom cliques” and explains her theories on mom cliques through history and in our micro-communities today – and how you can feel better about your life next time you stumble upon a foreign “mom tribe”.   She’ll tell you about her day dealing with dog diarrhea, her rules for “homework nannying”, and share the comments and questions of her followers regarding meal-prep, breakfast ideas, low carb cooking, planning for a military move-in (make sure you have toilet paper!!), and the benefits of “The Over 40 Face”.  To top it off, Shannon shares her newest recipes for super busy families everywhere:  Pressure Cooker Japanese Beef Curry and Carmelized Cauliflower!

My New Podcast!

Hello! I have a new podcast!  What does a recipe writer and cooking instructor really feed her family every day?  I’ve got lots of good info for you here.  We’re talking about burnout, perfectionism, food shaming, the nitty-gritty of parenting, and more real-life stuff.  What do you do when you encounter a “Chicken Nugget Shamer” in Walmart?  I’ve got the answer!  Plus, what to do when you’ve “had it”, how to manage cooking meals when you’ve got little ones underfoot, how to keep snacks around when you have older kids, freezer meals, crockpot meals and YES, RECIPES!!  Thanks for clicking! You can listen to my brand new podcast below right now while I submit it to iTunes and wait for approval.  Thank so much! – Shannon Vavich

Grilled Ribeyes with Compound Butter

Welcome!!! If you’re here because of the recent article in the Jacksonville Daily News, I want to wholeheartedly thank you for taking the time to click on my website. You can also follow my fb page for lots of updates, interaction with other members and to watch and comment on my show when it goes live. Thanks so much for taking the time to be here. I really appreciate it! – Shannon Vavich

FB Page:

Organizer Jen and I Slay the Last of PCS2017

My friend Jen Stark, aka “Organizer Jen” drove down from Pennsylvania last month to help me destroy the last bits of unpacking from our massive move from Okinawa, Japan.  I had already unpacked 11,000 pounds of household goods on my own by the time our shipment from Okinawa arrived.  When the movers set down 6,500 pounds (our entire Okinawa household) in my dining room, it felt like a literal punch in the gut.  If I didn’t know Jen was already on her way, I’m pretty sure I would have cried.

Below are the three episodes we live-broadcasted, detailing Jen’s organizing philosophies on unpacking and organizing.  Jen is a successful, in-demand professional organizer in Eastern Pennsylvania.  She travels frequently for her clients, but came down to see me as a friend.  I’m forever grateful for her help.  We had fun!  And, she’s coming back over Thanksgiving weekend.  We’ll organize more stuff, film some more shows, and have fun again.

Freezer Cooking Series: Bulk Creamy Chicken Enchiladas

Hello again!  Thanks so much for taking part in my FREEZER COOKING series!  We’re stocking our freezers and putting our plans in place to have a great back-to-school season.  I really appreciate you being here!  My first freezer cooking video (baked ziti) has received a lot of views.  I take this as validation that your lives are just as hectic as mine, and that we are all searching for solutions.  Stocking my freezer has been my SECRET WEAPON all these years.  Having a bunch of dinners ready-to-go in my freezer takes my stress down a few notches, opens up more time to spend with family and friends, and generally just makes me feel better.

I’ve developed all these recipes over twelve years of trial-and-error.  In the early years I read all the books, tried other people’s methods and was ultimately disappointed.  So, I set about writing my own methods and my own recipes.

To make these Bulk Creamy Chicken Enchiladas for the Freezer, you will need:

8 chicken breasts (frozen or defrosted)

1/4 cup olive oil (plus additional olive oil to line the bottoms of your pans to prevent sticking)

1 teaspoon chili powder

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1 1/2 cup salsa

8 oz cream cheese

4 cups cooked rice

2 cups Colby/jack cheese, separated. One cup for filling and one cup for enchilada topping

2 dozen burrito sized flour tortillas

3-4 jars of salsa verde

1 recipe of simple white sauce (see short video below)

Ingredients for white sauce:

1/2 cup butter

1/2 cup flour

6 cups milk

1/2-1 teaspoon salt

You will also need 4 3-qt casserole pans, or 2 5-qt pans.  You can make even smaller portions if you wish, to freeze individual dinners.  The defrosting and cooking time will be shorter, of course.  I often make individual portions of freezer meals for my husband and teenagers.


This recipe makes 4  3-quart pans of enchiladas or 2 5-quart pans.  I have a large family and hungry teenagers, so I make 5 quart pans.


It all starts with the chicken.  You can use a crockpot or a pressure cooker.

Chicken component:

8 chicken breasts (frozen or defrosted)

1/4 cup olive oil

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp chili powder

1 1/2 cup salsa

Crockpot for 8 hours (on low).

Pressure cook for 1 hour.

Next, shred the chicken and add 8 oz cream cheese.

Now, add 4 cups cooked rice and 1 cup shredded Colby/jack to the chicken mixture.
Fill the tortillas, and line up in pan.  I give the pans a good dousing with olive oil before I start lining them with enchiladas.


Cover with white sauce (recipe and method on video above), and 1/2 – 1 jar of salsa verde.

Top with remaining 1 cup of cheese.  Cover with foil and freeze for up to 2 months.  To cook, take out of freezer and place in a COLD oven.  Turn the oven to 350* and bake for 1 1/2 hours with foil.  Remove foil and continue baking until the top is bubbly (about 20 minutes).

It serves up very well with a little salad and hot sauce.  Sour cream too, if you’ve got it!

Thank you so much for being part of my freezer cooking series!  I really appreciate you taking the time to watch my videos and click on my website.  I hope you enjoy this recipe.  If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me either in a comment here on this blog, or through my facebook page.

I hope you are having a peaceful day, wherever you are!

Shannon Vavich

Summer Charcuterie Board

Hello, hello!  It took longer than I expected to post this as I’m still pushing my way through my disaster of a house.  We’ve lived here long enough now to just start trashing the place, apparently.  No worries!  Such is life!

Hey, before I list the ingredients and basic process of my Summer Charcuterie Board, lemme just say a huge THANK YOU for all the views of my live cooking feed this week.  This has been my highest-viewed week ever.  I really appreciate it!  Thank you.

Below is the full, live-recorded vid of the assembling process of this charcuterie board.  All the info is there, but I’ll attempt to give you a succinct text form of the ingredients and process below.

First, observe the above white board.  I like to call this “charcuterie schematics”.  We don’t mess around here.  There are six territories in the Land of Charcuterie:

(starting from left top going to right top)

Cured meats/fish territory, sauces/dips, pickle territory

(bottom left to bottom right)

Brie/nuts/berries/honey (the dessert section), cracker territory, salad territory.

Cucumbers are a sort-of cracker item, in that you can build toppings onto it like a cracker – but it’s a vegetable.  I liken the cucumbers to a kind-of Switzerland territory.


As I say in the vid, always start with your dips and sauces.  I’ve got hummus, tzatziki, and grainy mustard.  All store-bought.

Next, build “pickle territory”.  I like to lay down a nice bed of lettuce, then assemble pickled things on top.  I’ve got baby dills, olives, pickled white asparagus, capers and roasted asparagus.  The roasted asparagus is not a pickle, but it goes really well with the whole lineup.

Roasted Asparagus

Preheat oven to 400 degrees, F

1 bunch of thin asparagus

1/4 cup olive oil

salt & pepper (couple dashes)

Cut the woody stems off the asparagus, toss in olive oil, salt and pepper, and roast at 400 degrees for 12-15 minutes.  Cool and pile in the “pickle section” of your board.

Next, let’s move south to Salad Territory:

I set down another bed of greens as a base here.   I used baby kale, although I usually prefer arugula.  Atop the base of perky little greens, I piled a quick caprese salad, then a sliced avocado.  This little caprese salad is easy to toss together.

Caprese Salad

Grape tomatoes

baby mozzarella balls

fresh basil

olive oil (or avocado oil)

pesto paste

balsalmic vinegar

pinch salt

That’s really the gist of it.  You don’t need to fiddle with the measurements in a caprese salad.  It’s always good, no matter how you assemble it!  If you’re feeling unsure about it, watch the video and I think you’ll see how easy it is.

Next, meat territory:

Any cured meat is great.  I’ve used bratwurst, pepperoni, salami, prosciutto, and more.  Here, I’ve got knockwurst, a few slices of salami (all I had) and some smoked salmon.

Next, the brie and berry territory:

This is the crowning glory of the whole display, in my opinion.  I think it’s so beautiful.  It almost makes me want to cry.    I’ve got a nice herbed brie as the centerpiece, and an assortment of berries and nuts as garnish.  The starfruit was a last-minute find that I was absolutely thrilled about.  It adds just the right sparkle.  I drizzled honey over the whole brie section.  I’m thrilled with it. Really.  It’s basically the dessert corner of the entire board.

A few dates, stone fruits, some stacks of interesting crackers, and a few towers of sliced cucumber finish off this VERY SUMMERY and VERY FRESH charcuterie board.  Please check out the vid (above) for more info!  It’s all there.

Thank you so much for being here.  Thanks for watching, for clicking, and for being part of this whole journey.  I really appreciate it!

I hope you are having a peaceful day, wherever you are.

Shannon Vavich

Buttermilk Bundt Cake

Hello and welcome!  If you’re a newcomer, I certainly appreciate you taking the time to click on this recipe.  If you’re a long-time reader/viewer, thank you so much (all the more) for sticking around all this time!  It’s certainly great to be up-and-running after our international move, settling in process, (the broken toe), and all the new changes to my cooking show on Facebook.

As soon as my show if finished live-recording, I’ll embed the video right here.  I’ve you’ve clicked on over to view the text recipe of this great little cake, again, thank you so much for taking the time to do so.

Update: Here it is! It’s a bit of a disaster, but we DID complete our cake! I had a sound problem until the 4:29 time mark. You can skip ahead to that time mark and get full audio. 🙂

I made this little cake for my oldest daughter’s 18th birthday just a few weeks ago.  I was in the middle of a very busy time, but I still wanted to make something special for her.  As a military kid, she always seems to be moving or in some state of upheaval during her birthday season.  She doesn’t like icing, and there are so many fresh berries available this time of year, I thought of this quick little bundt cake.   It was simple and fun to make.  Best of all, she loved it!

Buttermilk Bundt Cake

You’ll need one large “Nordicware” bundt pan for this.  I wrote this recipe specifically for the large style bundt pan.  A smaller (more shallow) bundt pan would cause a huge mess in your oven, as it will probably overflow.  If you only have a more shallow bundt pan, then half the recipe, and/or be sure to put a cookie sheet under the pan while it bakes…..and hope for the best.

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

In large bowl combine:

4 cups flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

mix well with whisk.

In the mixing bowl for your heavy duty mixer (I use kitchenaid) cream:

2 cups (4 sticks) unsalted, room temperature butter

3 cups sugar

4 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla

Add the flour mixture to the butter mixture, alternatively with

1 1/2 cups buttermilk.

Bake at 325 degrees for 1 hour 20 minutes.  This is almost as dense as a pound cake, and the pan is very deep.  It will take a while to bake.

Garnish with fresh berries, a dusting of powdered sugar, and fresh whipped cream.

I hope you are having a peaceful day, wherever you are.  Thank you so much for visiting this website, and thank you for taking the time to watch my videos.

Best wishes,

Shannon Vavich

Irish Cream Bread Puddings…..GAH!!

These are so delicious…I just…I just don’t even know what to say.  Make them and you’ll see what I mean.

You can see all the shenanigans on the vid above.  Recipe in print is below:

Irish Cream Bread Pudding:

Makes four small-ramekin sized bread puddings

4 cups cubed French bread

3 eggs

1/4 cup half n half

1/4 cup Bailey’s Irish Cream

1/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup melted butter (cooled to almost room temp)

1/4 cup additional melted butter to line the ramekin dishes

Chocolate Ganache: Recipe HERE

Fresh Whipped Cream:  1 cup heavy whipping cream, 2 Tbs sugar.  Whipped at high speed with kitchen aid mixer (balloon whip attachment).

Bread Pudding Instructions:

In large bowl, whip eggs.
Add the half n half, bailey’s, sugar and melted butter to the eggs.  Stir to combine.

Tumble all the bread cubes into the liquid mixture and turn gently with a wooden spoon a few times.

Line each ramekin with about 1 tablespoon melted butter.

Separate the bread pudding mixture into four portions.  Fill each small ramekin dish with the mixture. Place the dishes in a shallow baking pan and fill the pan with about 1/2 inch water.  This is called a “water bath” and will help bake our custard gently and slowly.  Bake at 325 degrees, F, for about 25 minutes.
Turn each baked bread pudding onto a small plate and pour a little additional Irish cream over it.

Cover with drizzles of ganache, fresh whipped cream, and a little buttercream shamrock, if you choose.  More details on all of this are in the vid above.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and thanks for watching my show!  I really appreciate it!

Shannon Vavich

Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes and Carrots. “Fah Gahds SAKE!!”

Okay, THIS is delicious.  For full instructions and shenanigans, including my list of how to live the “Irish Way” watch the vid below.

This is another one of my pressure cooker recipes.  I usually make corned beef in the crockpot, but I just got a new pressure cooker and I’m dang excited about it.


Put one corned beef, plus the contents of the spice packet in your pressure cooker.  Add 5-6 whole, peeled potatoes and one whole bottle of Guinness beer.  Set to the “chicken/meat” setting and shift time selector to “medium”.  The pressure cooker will heat up for about 10 minutes, then cook for about 40 minutes.
After the meat and potatoes are finished cooking, release the pressure valve and open the pressure cooker after all the steam has escaped.

Without removing or disturbing the meat or potatoes at all, place the steam screen over the meat/potato/beer mixture and place cabbage and carrots (as much as you can fit, really) in the cooker.

Set the pressure cooker to cook again, this time setting it to the “fish/vegetable steam” setting and the heat setting to “quick”.  This will steam for two minutes.

Then you’re done!

Serve it all up on a platter! Don’t forget the Soda Bread!

Thanks so much for reading this post and visiting my site,
Shannon Vavich