Classic American Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing

If you’ve never made a cake from scratch before, this recipe is a good one to get you started. I can’t claim to have a favorite cake, like I can’t claim to have a favorite child.  But….this one’s in my top 5… The chocolate icing has just a bite of bitterness to it and it pairs so nicely with the spongey vanilla cake. You can see from the photo above that more goes into a from-scratch cake than the “oil, eggs, water”, that you add to a boxed mix. It takes a little more time and just a smidge of skill to make […]

Episode 4 -Home Management Hacks for Budgeting and Back-to-School

In episode for of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon shares her best tips for managing a household and sticking to a budget during back-to-school and fall sports season. “Without a budget, your household will fail”, she cautions. Shannon answers questions about comparison- shopping, managing multiple children in evening activities, cooking dinner when you’re too tired to move, and more. Shannon shares her concept of “Global Model Cooking” and talks through her recipe and process for taking whole chickens and making 3 family meals for less than 50 cents per person. Shannon also talks about managing expectations, the false reality of […]

Episode 3 – The KETO Diet, Anxiety, Chronic Pain and Compassion

How can you turn a setback into your most effective spring-board?  Can you work yourself out of a rut and be EVEN BETTER?  On this episode of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon addresses how the KETO diet has changed her life.  She answers listener questions, including “What do you eat?”,  “Did you get the Keto Flu?”, “How do you handle cravings?”,  “Do you eat artificial sweetener?”, “Can you have wine?”, “What do you cook for your family that also works in your diet?”, “What is your favorite fast meal?”, “What about intermittent fasting?”.  Shannon describes what if feels like to […]

Episode 2 – Mom Cliques, Sports Season Angst, Dog Diarrhea, The “over 40 face”, Pressure Cookers and PCS Advice

Who invented “snack mom” for sports seasons?  Where did that even come from?  In Episode two of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon recounts her funny experiences with youth sports teams – the “snack mom” phenomenon, and why there only two colors of socks in her house.  Shannon also discusses “mom cliques” and explains her theories on mom cliques through history and in our micro-communities today – and how you can feel better about your life next time you stumble upon a foreign “mom tribe”.   She’ll tell you about her day dealing with dog diarrhea, her rules for “homework nannying”, […]

My New Podcast!

Hello! I have a new podcast!  What does a recipe writer and cooking instructor really feed her family every day?  I’ve got lots of good info for you here.  We’re talking about burnout, perfectionism, food shaming, the nitty-gritty of parenting, and more real-life stuff.  What do you do when you encounter a “Chicken Nugget Shamer” in Walmart?  I’ve got the answer!  Plus, what to do when you’ve “had it”, how to manage cooking meals when you’ve got little ones underfoot, how to keep snacks around when you have older kids, freezer meals, crockpot meals and YES, RECIPES!!  Thanks for clicking! […]

About Shannon Vavich

Hello, my name is Shannon Vavich. I am the mother to seven children (ages 3-18 years), and the wife of an active-duty Marine Corps Colonel. I am also a professional recipe developer and food writer. For twenty-one years, I have followed my husband’s military career all around the world and have studied food and culture in France, England, Switzerland, Morocco, Greece, Italy, New Orleans, Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Okinawa, Japan and most recently, Eastern North Carolina, where I currently live with my family. I have worked in the food industry for eighteen years. I owned my own gourmet cake and catering […]