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Episode 7: A Chat with Lydia Bradbury, part 2 of 2

In episode seven of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon and Lydia continue their talk from Shannon’s “compound” in Kentucky.   Lydia describes the unique experience of traveling Europe and the Mediterranean with her three young sons while her husband was deployed.  She explains how they were able to enjoy authentic cultural experiences by slowing down and exploring at a child’s pace, rather than a “tourists” pace.  Lydia offers advice to anyone interested in “living” rather than “vacationing” in any particular area, and how you can help your children connect socially with their peers in a way that will transcend language […]

Episode 6: A Chat with Lydia Bradbury Part 1 of 2

In episode 6 of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon interviews Lydia Bradbury;  a fellow Marine Corps Spouse, anthropologist, archaeologist and mother of three.  Shannon and Lydia talk about Lydia’s extraordinary journey through Europe and the Mediterranean.  A journey Lydia embarked on with her three young sons – all while her husband was deployed!   Lydia explains what it was like making the bold decision to “put out the home fire” and take her children on a grand adventure.  Shannon and Lydia both share experiences of traveling with young children, and how (contrary to popular belief), it is not burdensome at […]

Making Pies with The Kids

My children have been my first, and best cooking students.  They have all been cooking with me since the day they were born.  Every year, on the day before Thanksgiving, we make pies.  Each child makes their special pie with me.  It’s a one-on-one lesson.  Yes, it takes all day.  But it’s a glorious day.   The pies the children choose to make have, over the years, become part of their identity.  Charlotte ALWAYS makes the apple pie.  Rosie ALWAYS makes the cherry pie, and so on.  It provides us with consistency in our transient military life.   Every year […]

Pressure Cooker Mac & Cheese, Updates From Kentucky, Pranks I Pull on My Husband and We’re Moving to Germany! *collapse*

Such a pretty cake.  I miss making cakes like this.  I’ve been very busy lately, settling in to our new home in Kentucky.  The hurricane blew threw NC and plopped us down right here.  It was really quite the phenomenon.   Anyhoo, I barely ever look at this blog.  When I don’t intend to post anything, I never even visit it.  Now that we are here, and are awaiting our move to Germany, I can slow down a little, however, and start writing again.  Such a shame that my cooking school has been put to rest for now.  I am […]

Fried Chicken Livers That Only My Dog and I Love and The Rest of The Toxic Fry

Omg, it feels so good to just tell the truth. I’m not a liar, but I am an omitter. This last year has been so damn hard. Damn hard. Oppressive, even. No more omission of that fact. “What does she mean by that? Who is she talking about?” Mind your own damn business, Karen. I’m only saying this so the random person who may have felt like their soul was being crushed because of some really unhealthy shit might know they’re not alone. Karen gets offended anyway. “No, Karen, it’s not about you”. Karen still thinks it’s about her. There […]

Hurricane Florence, Moldy Base Housing and Our Temporary Relocation to Kentucky

In this podcast (live simulcast on The Flying Facebook Page) , I describe my family’s current situation.  Our house on Camp Lejeune is moldy – I am severely allergic to mold.  Because I’ve lived in moldy base housing before, and because I know how detrimental it was to my overall health, I decided to temporarily relocate my family to our evacuation destination of Kentucky.  I describe how to “accidentally” stumbled into Kentucky, how we found our house, how the kids started school here, and how we are all doing now – 2 months after the hurricane.  As always, thanks for […]

Episode 4 -Home Management Hacks for Budgeting and Back-to-School

In episode for of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon shares her best tips for managing a household and sticking to a budget during back-to-school and fall sports season. “Without a budget, your household will fail”, she cautions. Shannon answers questions about comparison- shopping, managing multiple children in evening activities, cooking dinner when you’re too tired to move, and more. Shannon shares her concept of “Global Model Cooking” and talks through her recipe and process for taking whole chickens and making 3 family meals for less than 50 cents per person. Shannon also talks about managing expectations, the false reality of […]

Episode 2 – Mom Cliques, Sports Season Angst, Dog Diarrhea, The “over 40 face”, Pressure Cookers and PCS Advice

Who invented “snack mom” for sports seasons?  Where did that even come from?  In Episode two of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon recounts her funny experiences with youth sports teams – the “snack mom” phenomenon, and why there only two colors of socks in her house.  Shannon also discusses “mom cliques” and explains her theories on mom cliques through history and in our micro-communities today – and how you can feel better about your life next time you stumble upon a foreign “mom tribe”.   She’ll tell you about her day dealing with dog diarrhea, her rules for “homework nannying”, […]

My New Podcast!

Hello! I have a new podcast!  What does a recipe writer and cooking instructor really feed her family every day?  I’ve got lots of good info for you here.  We’re talking about burnout, perfectionism, food shaming, the nitty-gritty of parenting, and more real-life stuff.  What do you do when you encounter a “Chicken Nugget Shamer” in Walmart?  I’ve got the answer!  Plus, what to do when you’ve “had it”, how to manage cooking meals when you’ve got little ones underfoot, how to keep snacks around when you have older kids, freezer meals, crockpot meals and YES, RECIPES!!  Thanks for clicking! […]

Grilled Ribeyes with Compound Butter

Welcome!!! If you’re here because of the recent article in the Jacksonville Daily News, I want to wholeheartedly thank you for taking the time to click on my website. You can also follow my fb page for lots of updates, interaction with other members and to watch and comment on my show when it goes live. Thanks so much for taking the time to be here. I really appreciate it! – Shannon Vavich FB Page:  https://www.facebook.com/The-Flying-Kitchen-266209726375/

Organizer Jen and I Slay the Last of PCS2017

My friend Jen Stark, aka “Organizer Jen” drove down from Pennsylvania last month to help me destroy the last bits of unpacking from our massive move from Okinawa, Japan.  I had already unpacked 11,000 pounds of household goods on my own by the time our shipment from Okinawa arrived.  When the movers set down 6,500 pounds (our entire Okinawa household) in my dining room, it felt like a literal punch in the gut.  If I didn’t know Jen was already on her way, I’m pretty sure I would have cried. Below are the three episodes we live-broadcasted, detailing Jen’s organizing […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes!

  So….things have changed a little in my world lately…. A little over six weeks ago – completely on a whim…I decided to live record myself cooking in my kitchen over Facebook live tv.  I do have experience as a presenter, cooking teacher and speaker, so it wasn’t hard to impromptu the whole thing.  It was such a relief to be able to reach an audience from my own kitchen without having to painstakingly edit anything and/or upload it to youtube.  It was well-received immediately and I had so much fun, that I did another “show” the next day, then […]

My Hamster – My Hero: Lessons on Developing a Rich Interior Life (From My Hamster)

I never intended on buying a hamster.  But I blurted out “Let’s get a hamster!” to my fifteen-year-old daughter in the middle of a heart-break moment, when I was searching for any way to help her feel better. “Really?”, she said, as she looked up from her sobs. “Really, we’ll go and get one today”, I said. The baby shrew she had found and adopted just two days before had died, and she was devastated.  Of course, the shrew was only orphaned because one of the stray cats I feed had killed it’s mother, so I kind of felt bad […]

Charlotte’s Victoria Sponge Cake

My daughter Charlotte is ten-years-old and is just about the neatest person I’ve ever known.  All my kids are the neatest people I’ve ever known, but each is so unique, it’s easy to see and appreciate all the great things that make them who they are.  I’m nuts over all of them.  The elementary kids (Charlotte and her younger sister and younger brother) were off of school on Monday.  I was planning on starting to work on my blog again that day, so it was fun to hear what Charlotte wanted to post. Charlotte was born in England.  We decided […]

True Love’s Beef Stew

I met my husband when I was only eighteen.  I may have been only eighteen, but I was smart.  I thought to myself, “He’s the one”.  And then I set about to convince him that I was the one for him. Since my only training in romance had come from Janet Jackson and Madonna songs, and since things didn’t seem to be working too well for those ladies, I decided to just the opposite of what their songs told us all to do. “What Have You Done for Me Lately”, by Janet Jackson made a big impression on me.  It was supposed to be empowering, I suppose, but […]

Persimmon Pico de Gallo

It’s autumn in Okinawa.  While the leaves are not turning, and we are far from the light frost of the winter, you will find an abundance of Asian fall fruits in the local markets. Global cuisine.  It’s a new phenomenon.  We modern humans so well-traveled, and have such accepting palates, that we can taste a fruit from the far reaches of Asia and conceptualize that with a little cilantro and a good dash of jalapeno – it might just make a great pico de gallo. And indeed, it does make a delightful, delicious, sparkly dish. The persimmons just about jumped into my basket yesterday.  I saw them winking at […]