My friends, followers and students have told me that I need to set up a little online (amazon affiliate ) shop so you can see what I recommend.  I built my cooking school through amazon, and I do have recommendations on products that I find reliable.  The first product in my little virtual shop is this little hand mixer.  I bought four of them for my cooking school, and have come to use it in my daily personal cooking as well.  I even used it earlier this week to make 40 tiramisu cups for the Marines.

It comes with double beaters (pictured), double dough hooks, and one balloon whip.  It comes in four colors: Green, purple, black and blue.  I personally think the green is perfectly retro!



I have been so impressed with the Kitchen Aid 5-quart Artisan mixer.  I have three of these mixers in my cooking school and they are excellent.  My students and I whipped up over a dozen pounds of buttercream for our cake decorating class in early December.  I actually think I like these little artisan mixers better than my pro 600 series.  They are easy to use, manageable, and give an excellent result.  Of course, red is my favorite – but they come in many colors.


GREAT GIFT IDEA!  I purchased six of these for my cooking school, and they’ve already become invaluable. They come in 21 gorgeous colors, plus-size, and even a waist-apron option! They wash and machine dry very well. I find that the most messy ones need a good soak in the wash before the full cycle. My students have told me that these aprons are comfortable, and I agree. It’s the kind of apron that you can forget you have on while you immerse yourself in your work. The large pocket in the front is great for your smartphone, notecards, icing tips, your baby’s pacifier, your kid’s Tonka truck, or anything….. Best of all, they are really affordable –  so you can stock up – and have one in the wash while you’re wearing another. Every cook in your life will be appreciative of this simple, useful, work-horse of an apron.