Pineapple Vodka Freeze Pie

I really had the most virtuous intentions when I started to develop this pie.  It wasn’t even SUPPOSED to be a pie, actually.  It was supposed to be a pineapple sorbet – no added sugar, no added alcohol, no whipped cream, no cookie crust.  You know. Luckily, I bore easily.  I got about three minutes into the “sorbet” when I thought, “Oh!  I know what this needs!  VODKA!!” And if we’re going to add vodka, then we might as well add a crumb cookie crust and some freshly whipped cream. You only live once, after all. Besides, it’s almost the Fourth […]

Caramel Apple Slab Pie

People always ask me which kind of apple is best for apple pie.  Oh don’t get me started.  I love talking about apples almost as much as I love talking about Star Trek. I have had the fantastic fortune of being able to live in so many places.  One of the things that’s enabled me to enjoy the experience to the fullest, are the amazing variations I observe in nature, including, but not limited to, the local produce I’m able to try. I had a ball with the Bramley Apples in England.  Pies after pies and baked apples galore.  So tart.  So crisp.  So […]

My Best Pie Crust

 “Pie Crust Anxiety”. Oh yes, it’s real. Of all the topics of cooking classes I’ve taught and of all the time I’ve spent with students and friends in my own kitchen, I’ve witnessed an incredible amount of angst and trepidation over pie crust. It seems to be the American woman’s Achilles heel. “Pie Crust Anxiety” hits an all-time peak around the holidays.  Right about the same time all other anxieties come screaming out of nowhere and just come and sit on our heads like giant toads. I’ve deciphered that “Pie Crust Anxiety” stems from two different things: You feel pressure to perform […]