Light Garlic and Chicken Broth

Once you see how easy it is to make a good broth out of a picked-over roasted chicken, you’ll never throw chicken bits away again.  This broth is useful as a base for many-a-soup, and it’s especially good taken straight-up in the middle of cold and flu season, which, unfortunately is upon us right now.  My whole family has been up, then down, then up, then down.  Having a lot of this broth around has really helped. My teenage daughter especially loves taking this broth to school for lunch.  Only she dresses it up a bit by adding some fresh Asian noodles, a few cubes of […]

New Video: Simple Vegetable Soup for Busy People

I keep soup like this in my house almost all the time.  I make a big pot once a week, and I eat it almost every day. It’s great for lunch.  You can add a little leftover chicken if you want to have a little protein.  Or some leftover pasta if you want more carbohydrates.  I also love to add 1/4 cup kidney beans, black beans or chick peas to my bowl of soup.  That’s a great way to bump up the nourishment! It’s really low in calories and it’s filling.  I eat it as a snack in the afternoon to keep me away […]

Carrot Coriander Soup

One of my fondest food memories of all time is when we used to buy carrot and coriander soup from the Marks and Spencer in Cambridge, England.  We’d pick it up on cold, rainy days then bring it home amongst all our other groceries.  It was sold in little cartons.  Quick to heat and make ready, all we needed to go with it was a little garlic bread, or a grilled ham sandwich.  It was perfect on those days we were dead tired, or fighting off a cold, or just stressed-out.  It was always just so soothing.  So restoring. It wasn’t long after we moved back to […]