Maria’s Designer Lemon Birthday Cake

My daughter Maria turned eight-years-old today!  Maria is my fourth child out of seven.  It’s been a very busy eight years.  I’m very thankful for my cake decorating and recipe writing skills because I can make very special birthday cakes for each of my children.  They place “orders” about a week before their birthday.  I like […]

Maria’s “Cat Cakes”

This is the update to my post on the “fake birthday” cupcakes (click here to read post and get the recipe for these cupcakes).  My daughter wanted cat cupcakes for her classroom birthday party.  Because her actual birthday fell on a weekend, she called her classroom birthday her “fake birthday”. You […]

Carrot Coriander Soup

One of my fondest food memories of all time is when we used to buy carrot and coriander soup from the Marks and Spencer in Cambridge, England.  We’d pick it up on cold, rainy days then bring it home amongst all our other groceries.  It was sold in little cartons.  Quick to heat and make […]