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The Flying Kitchen is a cooking resource created and operated by me (Shannon Vavich) – a Marine Corps Spouse of 25 years, mother to seven great kids, chef of 23 years, cake & pastry artist, recipe developer and cooking teacher.

I currently live in the south of Germany with my family, in a four story house in the middle of a Medieval Era village. Because of my husband’s military career, I have studied food, culture and cooking all over the world including Italy, Spain, France, Greece, England, Morocco, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, New Orleans and Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

My daily life is filled with caring for my family, home and pets. I believe that with the right knowledge and support, cooking wonderful food can be a great artistic endeavour that can express true caring and love, while providing peace and tranquility to the cook as well.

This cooking resource of recipes and lessons is a small collection of my body of work, and it’s made ad-free and free to all because of the support of Patreon pledges by my loyal followers.

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