My name is Shannon Vavich. I’m a multimedia artist, specializing in food photography, watercolor visual art, cake design, storytelling, recipe creation and video recipe presentation – both live (ad lib) and in edited film form. I am also a classically trained vocalist – with an extensive background in Jazz vocals as well.

I live in Stuttgart, Germany with my husband and our seven children. My husband is an active-duty Marine Corps Colonel and has served our country for 26 years. I’m a classic introverted artist, and I love my time creating art with my two dogs and two cats by my side.

Because of our military lifestyle, I have lived all over the world and studied food, art, family life and culture in England, France, Switzerland, Spain, Morocco, Greece, Italy, Japan (Okinawa), Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Boston, Rhode Island, New Orleans, Kentucky, and now in Germany – were we currently live. Because of my background as a classical vocalist, I am proficient in learning languages. Cooking with the locals, however, is how I learn the most about every place I visit.

I live in (and manage) a bustling four-story German home in the center of a medieval era village. With seven children in and out the door, and a military husband to care for, I am very busy, indeed. I walk everywhere and shop at local markets every day. I have a fully functional art loft on the fourth floor, where my children and I paint and create together – although I do relish the time I get to myself while they are at school.

My seventh child Rosie, and I, in my art loft. We painted pictures of a photo I took, of a cake I made, from a recipe I wrote. I used watercolor paints and colored pencil, and Rosie used acrylic. We had such a great time!! You can find the recipe for this Classic American Cake with Chocolate Icing , as well as many instructional photos AND step-by-step instructions HERE.

I host a live, interactive cooking show on facebook tv. It’s garnered over 200,000 views since it’s beginning in 2016. It’s completely ad-lib, and I not only host it, but I produce it and do all the graphic/tech work as well. I plan on kicking off “season 4” of my cooking show sometime this fall. You can find my show on my facebook page – “The Flying Kitchen”. Thank you!!