Hello my name is Shannon Vavich.  I have worked in the food industry for over twenty years, as the owner of a cake business for eleven years, then as cooking teacher and food writer, then as a culinary researcher/historian, to the owner of a brick and mortar cooking school, and now, the owner of a virtual cooking school.

I’m the creator of this website, and the person behind all the food images you see, as well as the web design, graphic art, and of course, the recipes.

I’m a military spouse of 24 years, and the mother to 7 great kids.  My husband is an active-duty Marine Corps Colonel, and I named this website “The Flying Kitchen” because we are constantly on the go, “flying” from duty station to duty station.

Learning about the food of the region where we are stationed has been a coping mechanism of mine, as it helps me to see the positive, in a lifestyle that as you know, is extremely challenging.


I was raised in the Pacific Northwest and grew up amongst the fishing and crabbing industry, as well as the food and dining renaissance that expat Europeans and Napa transplants brought to the Oregon Coast.  As an adult, and a military wife, I have lived in wonderful places like Pennsylvania Dutch country. Okinawa, Japan. New Orleans, Louisiana. Cambridge, England. Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Northern Virginia. Stuttgart,Germany.  And even the rural and homey Kentucky.  In addition to our incredible experiences living abroad, we have traveled extensively through Italy, France, Greece, Scotland, Spain and Morocco where I was able to study the food and culture, usually with a baby in a sling and a few in tow. We currently life in the area of Stuttgart Germany – nestled in a 1300-year-old medieval village, in a four story house where there is plenty of room for our seven children, two dogs and two cats.

Thank you for being here, and please endeavour to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter.  I really treasure my online connections.  Thank you!

  • Shannon Vavich

PS:  Yes, I’m exhausted!