An Old-Fashioned Cakewalk Cake for My Son

An Old-Fashioned Cakewalk Cake for My Son


My fifth child is in first grade already!  I can’t believe it.  It seems like only yesterday that he was bounding all over the house in a diaper and a ninja costume.

Every year my kids’ elementary school has an old-fashioned “fall festival”.  Think Pollyanna and the bazaar.  Really neat stuff.

My son was so excited that his first grade class was in charge of the cakewalk.  He knows cake is “my thing” and he could not wait to see what I would come up with.  .

DSC_7913I didn’t want to disappoint him with something below my skill level (believe me…he was watching), but I didn’t have much time ether.  I decided to get into the whole old-fashioned bazaar thing, so I made a classic yellow cake with chocolate icing.  Think “Pollyanna”. Recipe HERE.

DSC_7917I wanted to keep a rustic look, so I didn’t smooth over the icing.  I kept it a little “swooshy” on purpose.

DSC_7935Six rosettes to polish it up a little, using tip #2D.  Rosettes along the edge of a cake are the easiest way to create symmetry. Please observe the parchment paper under the cake.  I pop little sheets of parchment under the edges so I can decorate the cake without getting the cake plate all messy.  Think of it as a little “drop cloth” for icing.

DSC_7936I was so happy with the striking color combinations my daughter chose for her birthday cake a few weeks ago, that I decided to bring them out again.

They are as follows:

Wilton Golden Yellow – Tip #22

Wilton Lemon Yellow – Tip # 13

White – Tip #22 and Tip #2A
DSC_7937I had originally envisioned making several large flowers on my daughter’s cake, but I ended up making one large one.  I kept the idea of several large flowers in mind, though.  This would be the perfect cake to try that idea.
DSC_7939Around the structure of the rosettes, I made three large flowers.  The flowers are abstract, so the rosettes play an important role here in keeping the look somewhat symmetric.

DSC_7941I filled each flower petal in with white.

DSC_7945I added polka dots for more of that country look.  Kind of a barn dance or square dance look.

DSC_8051An additional golden rosette as a center to each flower, and a white dot on each alternating rosette.

DSC_8027Alternating chocolate and golden stars along the bottom.  Remove the parchment paper “drop cloths” first. Bottom borders are so important in getting that finished look.
And it’s finished.

My son’s little chest puffed out with pride, and his smile was about as wide as this cake.
DSC_8062Because I knew I wouldn’t be seeing this cake again, I put it on a disposable cake plate.   TUTORIAL HERE.

I don’t know who ended up with the cake.  It was already gone when my husband and kids got to the “fall festival”.  I stayed home with the baby.  Anyway, I hoped they liked it.  🙂  It served it’s purpose for my family.

My son felt like a million bucks.

Mission complete.


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