Okay, THIS is delicious.  For full instructions and shenanigans, including my list of how to live the “Irish Way” watch the vid below.

This is another one of my pressure cooker recipes.  I usually make corned beef in the crockpot, but I just got a new pressure cooker and I’m dang excited about it.


Put one corned beef, plus the contents of the spice packet in your pressure cooker.  Add 5-6 whole, peeled potatoes and one whole bottle of Guinness beer.  Set to the “chicken/meat” setting and shift time selector to “medium”.  The pressure cooker will heat up for about 10 minutes, then cook for about 40 minutes.
After the meat and potatoes are finished cooking, release the pressure valve and open the pressure cooker after all the steam has escaped.

Without removing or disturbing the meat or potatoes at all, place the steam screen over the meat/potato/beer mixture and place cabbage and carrots (as much as you can fit, really) in the cooker.

Set the pressure cooker to cook again, this time setting it to the “fish/vegetable steam” setting and the heat setting to “quick”.  This will steam for two minutes.

Then you’re done!

Serve it all up on a platter! Don’t forget the Soda Bread!

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