Episode 12: Meal Planning for Your Greater Mission

Episode 12:  Meal Planning for Your Greater Mission

In Episode 12 of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, we talk MEAL PLANNING. I answer listener questions and reveal my four-part method of meal planning: Planning, Pacing, Execution and Attitude. I explain how I cooked for my family when all my children were little and what MY GREATER GOAL in meal prep is. I talk about “chicken nugget shaming”, and why I think American women need to stop apologizing for what they feed their families. I give candid advice on how to handle the “picky eaters” in your life and why shaming and punishment is never the answer. I talk about FOOD, CULTURE and the model of communal eating that we’ve greatly lost touch with today. I give antecdotal stories of the people I’ve cooked and dined with around the world, and tell the story of the exterminator in New Orleans who gave me an impromptu lesson in NOLA beans and rice…right in my kitchen…without being asked. Lol. Most importantly, I talk about compassion towards your children, and yourself. As a Home Manager your job is of the utmost importance. Isn’t it time you outlined a clear mission, and start taking steps to simply and compassionately succeed?

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