Episode 13 – How to Cultivate a Family Culture of Communication, Respect and Boundaries. Servant Leadership and Why Your Kids Deserve It.

In Episode 13 of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, I talk candidly about the challenges my family has faced in the midst of our military lifestyle, and my tips for overcoming upset, loneliness, resentment, and frustration. I talk pointedly about how it’s up to us military wives to be the bedrock of dependability for our families, in these times, especially, and how only by becoming SERVANT LEADERS will we raise children who feel safe and secure in the world. I share how I told my kids about the “Momo” hoax, and how I used it as a springboard to explain EVIL INTENT and why some grown-ups wish to inflict harm on children. Lastly, I answer listener questions on MEAL PLANNING – one of which hits close to home, as a dear reader wants to know how she can come to terms with the fact that her military husband can rarely join his family for dinner on weeknights. It’s a podcast packed with TRUTH and a little FURY as I share my views, experiences, and (hopefully) assurance that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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