Episode 14 – No Shortcuts! How to Predator-Proof Your Family

Episode 14 – No Shortcuts!  How to Predator-Proof Your Family

In Episode 14 of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, I talk about how I strive to be a TRUSTWORTHY and RELIABLE leader in my family. Why? Because only by being trustworthy and reliable, can we talk openly with our children about sexual abuse. As Oprah Winfrey says, sexual abuse is like a “scourge” on our whole society. I recount how I watched the Leaving Neverland documentary, and how I formulated a way to talk to my children about it. I talk about “blurring of boundaries” in our micro-communities, how parents are afraid of offending people, laying down ground-rules for their families, and the ominous presence of MISUSE OF POWER in the Catholic Church and in the military community. I give my 3 part formula for building a culture of trust and open communication within your family, and how to lay down “ground rules” for safe practices in your community. I share how I teach my children about safety, and how to identify “red flag” behaviors in the behavior of the adults in their lives. I speak for the first time as a Catholic, about what I will and won’t allow, and how the Catholic Church must earn my trust. I speak strongly on how child abuse happens on military bases and why it’s important not to label your neighborhood as “paradise” or “safe”. Finally, I embolden mothers to TRUST YOUR GUT. In a world where it’s hard to know who to trust, all that matters is that you LEARN TO TRUST YOURSELF no matter who is offended.

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