Episode 6: A Chat with Lydia Bradbury Part 1 of 2

Episode 6: A Chat with Lydia Bradbury Part 1 of 2

In episode 6 of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon interviews Lydia Bradbury;  a fellow Marine Corps Spouse, anthropologist, archaeologist and mother of three. 

Shannon and Lydia talk about Lydia’s extraordinary journey through Europe and the Mediterranean.  A journey Lydia embarked on with her three young sons – all while her husband was deployed!  

Lydia explains what it was like making the bold decision to “put out the home fire” and take her children on a grand adventure.  Shannon and Lydia both share experiences of traveling with young children, and how (contrary to popular belief), it is not burdensome at all!

Shannon and Lydia also compare their journeys as Marine Corps Spouses and talk candlidly about friendship, adapting to new surroundings, and their expectations in finding *quality* friends.  Lydia shares her tips for boldly cultivating uniqueness in ourselves and breaking the “mold” of what others expect us to be – as it’s the only route to finding true authentic connections wherever we are. 

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