Episode 7: A Chat with Lydia Bradbury, part 2 of 2

Episode 7: A Chat with Lydia Bradbury, part 2 of 2

In episode seven of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon and Lydia continue their talk from Shannon’s “compound” in Kentucky.  

Lydia describes the unique experience of traveling Europe and the Mediterranean with her three young sons while her husband was deployed.  She explains how they were able to enjoy authentic cultural experiences by slowing down and exploring at a child’s pace, rather than a “tourists” pace. 

Lydia offers advice to anyone interested in “living” rather than “vacationing” in any particular area, and how you can help your children connect socially with their peers in a way that will transcend language barriers. 

Shannon and Lydia compare experiences in travel, homeschooling, Marine Corps Spouse life, and how they coped with the upheaval that Hurricane Florence imposed on the Marine Corps Community.

Additionally, Shannon and Lydia talk “raw” about how the role of the Marine Corps Spouse is changing, and how we can best adapt, overcome, and set our own terms on what we will and will not allow for our families. 

Lastly, Lydia explains how we do not have to “have it all pulled together” before we start having great adventures – and that adventure is a choice we make everyday, simply by saying “yes”.  

You can follow Lydia’s adventures at: 

Fb:  https://www.facebook.com/thewildbradburys/

Blog: https://thewildbradburys.com/


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