Episode 8 – Making Your Home Business Work

In Episode eight of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, I give you the truthy-truth about HOME BUSINESSES and how my new mentorship program can help you achieve your goals. I’ve owned small businesses for 22 years, and I’ve learned how to adapt and overcome the greatest challenges home business owners face. I share my most humiliating business fails, how I continued to pick myself up and move on after each embarrassing incident. I talk about the 125 pound cake that served 800 people for the Marine Corps Ball in Newport Rhode Island, and how no one would even believe that I made it. I talk about seizing every opportunity even if it’s “the wrong time”. I talk about the time I was put down publicly by someone who could not handle my ambition, and how I used that experience to rise up, hit back and turn myself into a serious money-maker. I talk about my massive failure as a makeup consultant in 1997, and how I was able to recover after that very damaging setback. Getting up and moving on is my greatest strength. My NEW MENTORSHIP BUSINESS will help empower others to do the same.

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