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Take a look at my family’s favorite Thanksgiving recipes that I’m offering to my loyal patrons only:

This slow-cooked turkey is rich and flavorful. I’ll show you how to create an herb bouquet, season the turkey, roast it to perfection and create the most delicious gravy in the world. I’ll even show you how to create a Charles Dickens-era presentation for your cooked turkey complete with a cornucopia of nuts, fruits and greens.
Satiny, smooth, buttery, decadent mashed potatoes become do-able with my tips and full-proof recipe. These gorgeous, delicious mashed potatoes pair excellently with my French Style Thanksgiving Turkey and Gravy. Spoon by fluffy, buttery spoon, they get better with every bite!
This relish is an absolutely sparkly combination of twangy, deep burgundy fresh cranberries, fresh orange juice and orange liqueur. See how easy it is to make and how it competes your Thanksgiving feast with it’s bejweeled presence on your table.
Fluffy, rich, fresh yeast rolls are an absolute must on Thanksgiving. These rolls will sop up gravy, accompany rich slices of roasted turkey, and deftly hold swaths of softened butter. Get my video lesson and recipe with optional make-ahead instructions to make these memorable rolls. Bonus: They make excellent leftovers for soft, pillowy turkey sandwiches.
Crispy cubes of toasted bread along with sausage, dates, pecans and apples create an epic stuffing that has been my family’s favorite for decades. Rich, savory, fruity and nutty – it perfectly accompanies my French Style Thanksgiving Turkey and rich gravy. This recipe is extra-efficient as it utilizes the crockpot so you can use your oven for the turkey. My make-ahead instructions practically make this dish into a convenience food in regards to efficiency – not quality, of course!
Apples and caramel create the most nostalgic and sumptuous fall dessert for your Thanksgiving table. This caramel apple pie is deceptively easy and fully delicious. Learn how to make your own caramel sauce and pour the sauce over the fresh-chopped spiced apples before baking. Spend some time with my in my kitchen while I deliver the live-recorded video lesson.
This sweet potato casserole is creamy, decadent, fruity and rummy. It’s topped with toasted marshmallows, coconut and pecans. An absolute favorite in my house – it’s absolutely delicious and memorable. This was one of the first recipes I taught in my premier in-person cooking course I presented in 2009. It was a hit then, and I’m sure it will be a hit at your house this year, and in years to come.
Light, crunchy and green, these quick sauteed green beans are a fast and easy vegetable side dish for your Thanksgiving dinner. The balsamic glaze and toasted slivered almonds make this dish a stand-out at your feast at bring a fresh, green balance to such a hearty meal.
Sizzling cornbread in a cast iron skillet is my preferred favorite way of making this classic American quick bread. My video lesson breaks this recipe down in easy steps, and the golden splendour of this sumptuous bread ads just the perfect historic touch to your Thanksgiving feast.
My oldest son’s absolute favorite – it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without this delicious, decadent pie. Creamy chocolate custard rests heartily in my homemade blind-baked pie crust. Get my video lesson full of tips and tricks to make this deep dish pie.
Fool-proof pie crust is easy with my video lesson, tips and recipe. This pie crust recipe has been made hundreds of times in my home and in my in-person classes. This crust is flaky, decadent and so very easy to shape in to all the designs your heart desires to make.
When all is done and the feast is over, turn the bones of your turkey into a nourishing broth that will nurse your tummy back to balance. My recipe creates a dark, rich, flavorful elixir that is excellent in as a base for soups or warmed in a mug.


Shannon Vavich has been working in the food industry since 1999 as a cake designer, pastry chef, recipe writer, caterer and cooking teacher. Originally a musician by education - she's also a classical vocalist. She is a military spouse of 26 years. Because of her husband's military career she has lived around the world and studied culinary arts in Morocco, England, Scotland, France, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, New Orleans, Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Boston and more. She currently lives in a small Medieval-era village in Baden-Württemberg, Germany with her husband and children. Shannon's two oldest children serve in the Marine Corps and the Air Force, respectively. She recently adopted a little rescue dog - a former street dog from Bursa, Turkey - and named her Nutmeg. Shannon and Nutmeg enjoy walks through the German countryside, creating seasonal dishes in her studio, and early bedtimes.