My friend Jen Stark, aka “Organizer Jen” drove down from Pennsylvania last month to help me destroy the last bits of unpacking from our massive move from Okinawa, Japan.  I had already unpacked 11,000 pounds of household goods on my own by the time our shipment from Okinawa arrived.  When the movers set down 6,500 pounds (our entire Okinawa household) in my dining room, it felt like a literal punch in the gut.  If I didn’t know Jen was already on her way, I’m pretty sure I would have cried.

Below are the three episodes we live-broadcasted, detailing Jen’s organizing philosophies on unpacking and organizing.  Jen is a successful, in-demand professional organizer in Eastern Pennsylvania.  She travels frequently for her clients, but came down to see me as a friend.  I’m forever grateful for her help.  We had fun!  And, she’s coming back over Thanksgiving weekend.  We’ll organize more stuff, film some more shows, and have fun again.