Persimmon Pico de Gallo

Persimmon Pico de Gallo

It’s autumn in Okinawa.  While the leaves are not turning, and we are far from the light frost of the winter, you will find an abundance of Asian fall fruits in the local markets.


Global cuisine.  It’s a new phenomenon.  We modern humans so well-traveled, and have such accepting palates, that we can taste a fruit from the far reaches of Asia and conceptualize that with a little cilantro and a good dash of jalapeno – it might just make a great pico de gallo.
And indeed, it does make a delightful, delicious, sparkly dish.
The persimmons just about jumped into my basket yesterday.  I saw them winking at me and it was all I could do not to jump up and down in glee.
Persimmons, if not perfectly ripe, can be really weird-tasting.  They have an astringent taste when under-ripe.
But these were PERFECT.
I peeled and cut up three persimmons, and added one whole avocado, chopped.  DSC_7273
A dash of lemon over the avocado to prevent oxidation. No one likes a brown avocado.
I diced 1/2 of a red (purple) onion very finely.  And I seeded and sliced four jalapeno peppers.  I love jalapeno peppers.  They taste so GREEN.  Just so fresh.  They will bring a weary soul to life.

DSC_7285Add a bunch of chopped cilantro to the persimmon, avocado (with lemon juice), red onion and jalapeno…
Toss lightly and add salt and pepper to taste.
Truly an exotic taste delight.  You could scoop it up with a tortilla chip, eat it over toast, or pair it with fish or chicken soft tacos. Oh, I should try that.  Fish tacos.  Yes.

Today however,  I’m eating my Persimmon Pico de Gallo with a spoon, straight-up. Yum.

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