Pressure Cooker Mac & Cheese, Updates From Kentucky, Pranks I Pull on My Husband and We’re Moving to Germany! *collapse*

Pressure Cooker Mac & Cheese, Updates From Kentucky, Pranks I Pull on My Husband and We’re Moving to Germany!  *collapse*
A pretty Christmas cake I made a few years ago.

Such a pretty cake.  I miss making cakes like this.  I’ve been very busy lately, settling in to our new home in Kentucky.  The hurricane blew threw NC and plopped us down right here.  It was really quite the phenomenon.  

Anyhoo, I barely ever look at this blog.  When I don’t intend to post anything, I never even visit it.  Now that we are here, and are awaiting our move to Germany, I can slow down a little, however, and start writing again.  Such a shame that my cooking school has been put to rest for now.  I am working on more online “lessons”, but we will not be moving my cooking school to Germany.  

It’s been hard to get back into “writing mode” after having such an active year as a cooking teacher and cooking school owner.  My goodness did I LOVE THAT!!  I moved over 200 people through my cooking school in just a few short months.  I’m really very crushed that I’ve had to give it up.  Just one more thing I’ve had to put on hold.  *Collapse*. 

So, I did have a little moment of self pity when I saw the photo of my beautiful Christmas cake. 

The whole thing has been so painful, I have not been able to assemble a gallery of photos of my school until now.  

But look at just some of the things we accomplished.  I mentioned in my Liver post below (link) that last year was really very difficult.  It was, but none of the difficult stuff had to do with my cooking school.  In fact, one of the reasons I created the cooking school to begin with was to counterbalance the shitstorm of unhealthiness that I was so close to.  So, sometimes, a counter throw down of sparkle fairy magic really can shout down the ugliness.  It sure worked in this case.

And then the hurricane came and flung us right out of there. 

Life here in Kentucky is good.  I miss teaching my classes, but I was able to teach a digital Pie Crust class a few weeks ago.  

You can join my “virtual cooking school” here  

It’s free, and it was a whole hour lesson.  I even had some of my former students join me live to “cook along”.  In fact, that’s what I called it!   A Cookalong! 

Anyway, here we are in Kentucky.  One day I’d prefer it if I wasn’t like that feather from Forrest Gump.  I suppose there could be worse things.  

And I am enjoying my slower, quieter life here on the farm with the kids.

Colonel (the German Shepherd) makes new friends every day.  He’s the best dog in the world. 

The kids and I are enjoying lots of cozy time.  Lots of walks.  The kids are doing really well in school.

We made gingerbread houses again.  This time from the box.  So economical.  You can tell my children have spent a fair share of their lives in Japan.  What with that peace sign in every photo thing. 

We’ve been having a lot of fun with the spiralizer.  I have the kind that attaches to my kitchen aid.  I highly recommend it if you are into this kind of thing.

I’ve found great joy in packing lunches for the kids.  Makes me think of my friends in Japan.  The Japanese mothers.  Jeez, they put us all to shame.  This is far from a bento box, but my kids have loved it.

Instant Pot Mac and Cheese

I start this at 5am, and it’s ready to be packed into thermoses by 6am.  Easy enough to throw together before I’ve had my coffee, which says a lot.

6 quart Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

2 lbs macaroni, dried

1 liter water

2 12-oz cans evaporated milk

1 stick butter

1/2 block velveeta (yes, terrible)

2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

Set instant pot to cook for 30 minutes.  Stir really well when it’s done. Pack in thermoses.  If you use the walmart brand of processed cheese, this will cost you less than $5.  Which for over six school lunches, is pretty fantastic.  

We had a really good Thanksgiving.  I made pies with all the kids the day before Thanksgiving (as per our tradition) .  I guess I wore myself out, because I felt really flu-ish on Thanksgiving.  So my husband did all the cooking with the kids.  I told him there’s a website where I get all my Thanksgiving recipes.  “It’s called The Flying Kitchen.  She’s kind of strange but her recipes work out pretty well”.  So he went to the wierdo’s website and pulled off the most amazing Thanksgiving dinner I have ever had.  Seriously.  It’s been a very long time since someone else did the cooking.  I sure was grateful for that.

My husband visits often.  Our family will be reunited when we move to Germany in June.  Of course, the kids and I could move away from the moldy house, but my husband had to stay to finish his job down in North Carolina.  Of course he does.  One of the reasons I was so insistent on staying in Kentucky is that I knew if the kids and I were sick in that moldy house, my husband would not be able to do his job properly.  Let’s just say, having 8 people in a moldy house and sick is not….uh…exactly aerodynamic.  So he was able to get back to his work and hit the ground running.  He was sick from the mold too, but one person sick is a heck of a lot easier to manage than 9.  

Anyway, I was a little upset that the gossip chain figured we were divorcing or something.  I do understand natural disasters make people crazy.  But we’re not divorcing.  I mean, even if we were divorcing, it really shouldn’t matter to most people.  Given, people get divorced ALL THE TIME.  And everyone should be able to live in a way that’s right for them.  But oh well.  

I would have been happy to stay in Kentucky until he retires, and just have him visit a lot.  Seeing as I’m tired of having every job I create for myself ripped from my hands and hit with a hammer infront of my eyes until it shatters.    Like the cake business – where the last wedding cake I sold was for $1000 (8 years ago…in North Carolina) because I expertly curated a product that was world-class, and curated a clientele that would both appreciate what I do and be willing to pay for it.

And the apron business.  And the candle business.  And the cooking school, where I paid off my entire small loan in FIVE WEEKS.  Five weeks and I was in the black, people.  Do you know how rare that is? 

I was ready to set up a food company here in Kentucky.  I threw it together in a matter of weeks, just in case.  It’s registered as an LLC.  Has all the papers.  I own the URL.   I designed a web page.  Started R&D on a product line….  It even has a 1-800 number, a PO box and a facebook page.  You should join.  Maybe when we get back from Germany in 3 years I can grow it into what I want it to be.

And what do I want it to be?  A Fortune 500 Company.  Because at least at this point, I believe I have the ability to make money out of nothing.  I do believe I’ll be a multi-millionaire one day.  It’s not even a matter of wanting it anymore.  It just is.  It’s just what will happen.  Because, kids (and you, Karen), what we all know by now is that I DO NOT STOP.

So what will 3 years in Germany cost me….in the long run?  

Not much.  And I’ll have three long years to LEARN EVERY DAMN THING I CAN.  

Also, there’s the book deal.  Which is like watching paint dry.  And a lot of work.  But it will happen too.  Maybe it’s good for my joints, in the long run.  Being a writer is a lot of SITTING.  Ack.  *stick a pencil in my eye*. 

“God never gives you more than you can handle”

– My Grandma 

Speaking of joints, mine are doing really well.  I’ve started swimming my mile-a-day again.  Which is what I’ve been doing for the past 22 years.   Remember?  I do not stop.  

Karen.  Lol.

I’ve been keeping my husband in the loop by pranking him often.  A couple weeks ago, I lifted a photo of a coyote getting a bath, and then sent it to him. 

Omg, did I have him going for the longest time!  Lol.  Right after I texted that my new “dog” liked cheese, he started calling.  Of course, I didn’t pick up right away.  When I finally did pick up, I played totally cool.  I told him that Col Jr (the German Shepherd) befriended him and brought him home.  And that he was resting comfortably on the sofa.  I swear to God, the funniest thing was how calm my husband remained as he was trying to GENTLY explain to me that my new little friend may be hungry, but that he might be carrying some disease….like rabies or something.  

“Well”, my husband said, after I told him I was pulling his leg the whole time – “Well, that’s exactly something you would do!!!”. 

Yes.  This is true.  I have been known to adopt stray animals.  Squirrels. Okinawan street dogs, every cat I see….  But we did have a good laugh over it.  

I tried pulling the same trick again last night. …..

It didn’t work.  But it sure was funny.  For both of us, this time.  Lol. 

And yesterday, the kids and I saw the most extraordinary thing!!  A brand new calf was born just was we were driving home from school.  We didn’t stay long, because I could recognize the “back off” look in the mother’s eyes.  I give that same look myself..  In fact, if you ever see it and you DON’T respect it, I’ll destroy you.


Poor thing.  I’m finding the whole “Karen” business to be so inspirational.



Since I DO NOT STOP, and I’m not making the money I thought I would this year (thanks, hurricane).  I’ve decided to produce a planner.  This one will be different from all the other planners out there.  And….I’ve included all my secrets to success.  I have to wrap up a few lose ends, but it will be available to download by Jan 1.  Plus, I’ll give live coaching sessions over my fb page.  2019 HAS GOT TO BE BETTER than 2018.  Dear God. 

And tonight is Pizza Movie Night.  So that’s something!

And I got my favorite movie from the walmart bargain bin for $5.  Which is awesome, because the farm doesn’t have internet. 

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