Join the Cooking Clubhouse

Many of my lessons are free on my website and YouTube channel, but my Patreon Cooking Clubhouse members have access to printable recipes, an extended collection of recipes, lesson/course ebooks, all of my home management mentorship content, early access to recipes (like Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes), kitchen art, coloring pages and coloring contests (with prizes) and exclusive access to my podcast, Kitchen Sincerity.

The “pledge tier” is a singular tier of $5.00 per month and you can opt out or in at anytime.  

Expect  in November:

**MY THANKSGIVING RECIPES delivered in video lessons with printable recipes (exclusive to the Patreon Clubhouse)

  • Early Access to Recipes and Courses
  • Printable Recipes
  • Cooking Course Downloads
  • Home Management Downloads
  • Home Management Education & Support
  • Meal Planning Ideas & Support
  • Kitchen Sincerity Podcast
  • Downloadable Kitchen Art and Infographics
  • Recipe Coloring Pages!
  • Coloring Contests (with prizes!)
  • Exclusive Videos
  • General Support

You will pay on December 1, and as always, if I don’t feel I’m really delivering enough quality content, I’ll suspend the payment (you won’t pay).  This ability to take breaks has been SO helpful to me, and has given me time to prepare for each month so I do not ever feel like I’m “under deadline”…. or scrambling to give you your money’s worth. Also, it’s just nice to drop everything and read a book once in a while.

Thank you, and God Bless you.  I’ll see you in November.  

Pies!  Pies! Pies!

– Shannon Vavich