Episode 1:

What does a recipe writer and cooking instructor REALLY feed her family every day? Join recipe writer, cooking instructor, cooking show host, blogger, military spouse and mother of seven – Shannon Vavich, as she talks REAL FOOD for REAL PEOPLE. Shannon answers questions submitted by her loyal social media followers in all ranges of topics including, “mom shaming”, burnout, self-care, cooking on a budget, managing an imperfect household in today’s busy culture, creating family traditions, and what to do when you feel overwhelmed by it all. To top it off, each episode is like a personal cooking lesson, complete with Shannon’s own recipes, prescriptive technical advice, and more. Lauded as “relatable”, “funny”, “real” and “a problem solver”, Shannon brings her compassion and quick-wit to the podcast world with her resounding message, “Don’t strive to feed your family PERFECTLY, strive to feed them KINDLY”.”  Link:  https://theflyingkitchen.com/my-new-podcast/

Episode 2: Who invented “snack mom” for sports seasons?  Where did that even come from?  In Episode two of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon recounts her funny experiences with youth sports teams – the “snack mom” phenomenon, and why there only two colors of socks in her house.  Shannon also discusses “mom cliques” and explains her theories on mom cliques through history and in our micro-communities today – and how you can feel better about your life next time you stumble upon a foreign “mom tribe”.   She’ll tell you about her day dealing with dog diarrhea, her rules for “homework nannying”, and share the comments and questions of her followers regarding meal-prep, breakfast ideas, low carb cooking, planning for a military move-in (make sure you have toilet paper!!), and the benefits of “The Over 40 Face”.  To top it off, Shannon shares her newest recipes for super busy families everywhere:  Pressure Cooker Japanese Beef Curry and Carmelized Cauliflower!  Link here:  theflyingkitchen.com/episode-2-mom-cliques-sports-season-angst-dog-diarrhea-the-over-40-face-pressure-cookers-and-pcs-advice/

Episode 3:  How can you turn a setback into your most effective spring-board?  Can you work yourself out of a rut and be EVEN BETTER?  On this episode of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon addresses how the KETO diet has changed her life.  She answers listener questions, including “What do you eat?”,  “Did you get the Keto Flu?”, “How do you handle cravings?”,  “Do you eat artificial sweetener?”, “Can you have wine?”, “What do you cook for your family that also works in your diet?”, “What is your favorite fast meal?”, “What about intermittent fasting?”.  Shannon describes what if feels like to suffer from hereditary anxiety and chronic TMJD pain, and how quickly her symptoms disappeared after starting her KETO journey.  Shannon also describes how the KETO diet helps in her endurance swimming and triathlon training.  Shannon talks candidly about her desire to have a large family, her top tips for success in life, and how to work through setbacks from a place of self-compassion.  Finally, Shannon introduces her new YouTube channel “The Flying Kitchen KETO” a brand new series of KETO cooking videos.   If you are interested in improving your life in anyway, this is the podcast for you!