Turkey-Lentil Tostadas

Turkey-Lentil Tostadas


DSC_1524Lentils are like the humble little monks of the food world.  Small, plain, unassuming….cloaked in their earthy brown habits and the little white sash around their waists.  By all appearances, lentils are meek.  You’d think they’d be boring. You’d think you’d be able to “figure them out” based on their appearance.

Turns out, they are quite multi-faceted and multi-talented.   Tender…peppery…tiny nodules of expertly assembled nutrition and vegetable protein.  Once you get to know them, it’s easy to admire them.

I went on a “lentil shopping spree” via Amazon about a year ago.  Oh, Amazon…..you get me into such trouble.  I got so excited all the varieties of lentils I could find, that I stocked up.  WAY. TOO. MUCH.  Now I have about 12 pounds of red, brown, green and black lentils to use up.  So prepare yourselves for more lentil recipes.


This heavily seasoned brown lentil/ground turkey combo has been a go-to of mine for the past year or so.  It’s perfect when you want a lot of protein, but it’s not at all heavy.  You can sautee the ground turkey and lentils in large batches once-a-week or so, then use it to top a crispy tortilla, fill a burrito, top a baked potato, add to an omelette or as a soup base.   It could even serve as a low-fat alternative to the ground beef topping on this taco salad.  It’s flavorful, easy to whip-up and it’s packed with protein and fiber.

These crunchy Turkey-Lentil Tostadas are fast, healthy and delicious.  You can throw them together in about ten minutes.  Top with some fresh cilantro, avocado and a smattering of salsa, and you’ve got something delicious, fresh, easy and satisfying.
DSC_1507I start by baking some corn tortillas.  I brush both sides with olive oil, lightly salt with sea salt then bake at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes.

DSC_1511While the corn tortillas are baking, I brown 12 ounces of ground turkey meat with 1 cup cooked lentils.

DSC_1513I add a little taco sauce for good measure…. 2 tablespoons or so…

DSC_1514Crunchy tortilla, protein-packed turkey/lentil combo, add a little salsa and avocado.  A smidge of cilantro if you’ve got it….

DSC_1524-2Super fast, super easy, pretty healthy and really delicious.

Try it and see if it’s a keeper for you!

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