German Grocery Unboxing LIVE

My attempt to keep a running record of what I’m buying and cooking here in Germany! I record these on facebook live about once a week.

German Grocery Unboxing Live September 30, 2023 – Autumn Produce, Candy, Stories and more.
Aug 30 German Grocery Unboxing “Amerikaner”, The Germans, Flamm Kuchen and more.
German Grocery Unboxing July 20, 2023, Two Cakes, Metallica, Baby Bats
June 21, 2023. Butterfly Pretzel, what I’m cooking for dinner, home organization update and how to choose and chop a pineapple.
June 15, 2023. My observations on “Female Early Morning Shopping Culture” and how to turn any salad into a wrap.
May 2023. Herbs, Bread, Cake.