A quintessential “feasting” turkey, this recipe and presentation will surely be a memorable centerpiece to gather ’round. The gravy is truly wonderful, as it makes the drippings of the turkey, butter, wine, aromatic vegetables and fresh herbs into a masterpiece in of itself. The attached video will give you thoroughRead More →

This dish has been on weekly rotation at my house for over a decade. It’s always delicious, feeds a crowd, and the leftovers can be made into dozens of dishes. This recipe is very forgiving; meaning the cooking time in the slow cooker is ideal at eight hours, but canRead More →

Pre-cooked chicken is my secret weapon when throwing together dinner in a flash. You can use rotisserie chickens from the store, or pre-cooked chickens that you’ve prepared yourself. It’s so easy and economical (and stress reducing) to know that you have something in your fridge that can be made intoRead More →

This is the recipe I make every Friday night for our “Pizza Movie Night”. As you can see from the unaltered video, the time start-to-finish for starting this dough is a little over three minutes. The ease and expediency of this recipe is why I have been able to maintainRead More →