Episode 11: The Myth of the #tribe, Advice on Self-Care and a Recipe for Chicken & Leek Meatballs

In Episode 11 of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, I answer a listener’s question about dealing with the negative reactions of others after you decide to change your life for the better. I lay out my 3-part method for SIMPLE and GENUINE self care, we talk SELF-SABATOGE, addiction and the need […]

Episode 9 – Empowerment, Recovering From a Setback, Curating Quality Female Friendships, and More

About female friendships: “Pick the women who empower you”. In Episode 9 of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, I talk about EMPOWERMENT EMPOWERMENT EMPOWERMENT. How to empower yourself, how to empower others, and how to spot disempowerment, and how to shut it down. I give my top 3 tips for recovering […]

Episode 8 – Making Your Home Business Work

In Episode eight of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, I give you the truthy-truth about HOME BUSINESSES and how my new mentorship program can help you achieve your goals. I’ve owned small businesses for 22 years, and I’ve learned how to adapt and overcome the greatest challenges home business owners face. […]

Three of my Family’s Simple Traditions – and How They Support our “Mission Capability” as a USMC Family

Okay, now stop. Stop what you’re thinking. Do not envision any magazine photo – any curated image – any glossy smiley photo of a happy family being awesome and content. Erase from your mind the vision of what you believe a FAMILY TRADITION to be. In my home there is […]

Family Traditions, Team Building and YOUR MISSION – Three Tips for Starting Your Own FT’s

I’m not just a mom.  I’m a CEO.  I’m the CEO of my family. I take running my family very seriously, and for the sake of expediency, I’m going to assume you do too. As a military family, every moment counts. Our lifestyle demands an iron will, and a full-court […]

Episode 7: A Chat with Lydia Bradbury, part 2 of 2

In episode seven of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon and Lydia continue their talk from Shannon’s “compound” in Kentucky.   Lydia describes the unique experience of traveling Europe and the Mediterranean with her three young sons while her husband was deployed.  She explains how they were able to enjoy authentic […]

Episode 6: A Chat with Lydia Bradbury Part 1 of 2

In episode 6 of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon interviews Lydia Bradbury;  a fellow Marine Corps Spouse, anthropologist, archaeologist and mother of three.  Shannon and Lydia talk about Lydia’s extraordinary journey through Europe and the Mediterranean.  A journey Lydia embarked on with her three young sons – all while her […]

Pressure Cooker Mac & Cheese, Updates From Kentucky, Pranks I Pull on My Husband and We’re Moving to Germany! *collapse*

Such a pretty cake.  I miss making cakes like this.  I’ve been very busy lately, settling in to our new home in Kentucky.  The hurricane blew threw NC and plopped us down right here.  It was really quite the phenomenon.   Anyhoo, I barely ever look at this blog.  When […]

Hurricane Florence, Moldy Base Housing and Our Temporary Relocation to Kentucky

In this podcast (live simulcast on The Flying Facebook Page) , I describe my family’s current situation.  Our house on Camp Lejeune is moldy – I am severely allergic to mold.  Because I’ve lived in moldy base housing before, and because I know how detrimental it was to my overall […]

Episode 4 -Home Management Hacks for Budgeting and Back-to-School

In episode for of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon shares her best tips for managing a household and sticking to a budget during back-to-school and fall sports season. “Without a budget, your household will fail”, she cautions. Shannon answers questions about comparison- shopping, managing multiple children in evening activities, cooking […]

Episode 3 – The KETO Diet, Anxiety, Chronic Pain and Compassion

How can you turn a setback into your most effective spring-board?  Can you work yourself out of a rut and be EVEN BETTER?  On this episode of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon addresses how the KETO diet has changed her life.  She answers listener questions, including “What do you eat?”,  […]

Episode 2 – Mom Cliques, Sports Season Angst, Dog Diarrhea, The “over 40 face”, Pressure Cookers and PCS Advice

Who invented “snack mom” for sports seasons?  Where did that even come from?  In Episode two of The Flying Kitchen Podcast, Shannon recounts her funny experiences with youth sports teams – the “snack mom” phenomenon, and why there only two colors of socks in her house.  Shannon also discusses “mom […]

Grilled Ribeyes with Compound Butter

Welcome!!! If you’re here because of the recent article in the Jacksonville Daily News, I want to wholeheartedly thank you for taking the time to click on my website. You can also follow my fb page for lots of updates, interaction with other members and to watch and comment on […]