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Military Families Magazine

I was gleefully surprised to be contacted by freelance writer, Brunella Costagliola, and asked to be the subject of a feature article in Military Families Magazine. It was one of the highlights of my year in Kentucky, and actually gave me a much needed morale boost! The hardest part was not blabbing all about it between my interview in February and the publication in May! Click on link below to read the article.
Marine spouse utilizes Facebook TV to share her love of cooking

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I intended on writing a book on Okinawan foods while living in Okinawa.  But after I was blindsided by depression, I had to focus on getting better and making sure my family was okay.  I did get better.  Sometimes I still look at these photos and feel like I failed in some way, but I’m starting to admire my tenacity for trying, and my wisdom in stopping this project to focus on more important things.  Maybe one day I’ll write this book, or maybe I’ll just be grateful for the experience.

I do think, in retrospect, that a field study book on Okinawan cuisine written for Americans should contain a level of cultural awareness that I admittedly did not possess at the time these photos are taken.  Upon leaving Okinawa in 2017, I had resolved (Read More)

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