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If you’ve ever wanted more recipes and cooking lessons from me, this is your chance!

I’m opening a Patreon community.

The Flying Kitchen Clubhouse

– Weekly new dinner ideas. Get fresh, easy, seasonal recipes from me without combing through the internet.

– Weekly seasonal fruit/vegetable lesson. Let me show you what to do with all those fruits and veg you see in the produce department.

– Lessons and lectures on everything from seasonal desserts to cooking equipment.

– Access to me for Q&A. I’ll answer your questions and teach you cool stuff.

Consider me your-next door-neighbor who has 25 years of expertise, and a cooking school in her home. I have answers, ideas, and inspiration. New recipes almost every day.

C’mon over! For $5 a month it’s a real bargain (if I do say so myself)!Thanks for being here, and I hope to see you over at The Clubhouse!! Click below to join today, and join me straight from the beginning.

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